Update for October!

A few things. Our convention season is done for the year because I have two weddings this month and then its Christmas season and since I work in retail… well… y’all know.


But we are already lined up for next year! I’ve been accepted to the artist alley at Ohayocon, so if you’re going to be in Columbus OH in mid-January, that’s where I’ll be. Selling flower crowns, art, and whatever odds and ends I’ve got. Will also be doing tarot readings, as usual.


In addition to that, A Simple Spell and the Dangers of Online Dating is now available on Amazon! But wait- there’s more! The book will be free to read on Tablo until November- after that we will be putting out a digital version that you have to pay for. But right now its free! So if you like silly romance novels that turn into murder plots filled with magic- 10/10 do recommend.


I’m still working on a guide book for The Sweeney Tarot, between work and other projects. But its coming along.


And that’s all I’ve got for now. There will be more news when more news comes!

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Killer Habit is now available on Amazon!

Josephine’s newest hired hand is going to be a handful in and of himself between the drug addiction and, quite frankly, ridiculous questions he asks. But as if she needs something else to stress about, the violent death of a priest sparks paranoia in what looks to be a werewolf case. Of course, we all know it can’t be as simple as that. 

Dark, brooding past? Check. Clergy members being murdered? Check. Werewolf Lawyer? Check.

Killer Habit is now available on Amazon!

Dang right! And if you’ve already read the story on Tablo or if you’ve gotten the PDF as a Patreon supporter, we would appreciate a review on our Goodreads page! And if you liked it, totally spread the word for us, okay?

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August Update!

Hey guys, seems like its been forever, so let’s get right to the point!


Our next show is Indy Pagan Pride Day on September 25th and then I’ve got like a ton of weddings and then its the holiday season so I won’t be around much. Gotta flex my jolly muscles, right? But we’re going to try for some more shows in the Columbus OH area, so if you’re around and you’re diggin’ the flower crowns, keep an eye out for me!


For fans of The Sweeney Tarot,  I’m in the middle of updating the descriptions so that I can put out a nice, neat guidebook! After two years of working with the deck, the cards’ meanings have changed a little bit. I’ll be updating the online directory as I re-write the meanings. Please be patient, though- I have a lot on my plate (and I’m running out of room on this stove.)


In addition to my paranormal mystery novel, Killer Habit, I also have a paranormal romance book about witches: A Simple Spell and The Dangers of Online Dating, updating once a week on Tablo! Muffins are involved.


For more things, of which there are many, and some info on where to keep up with me- there’s a more complete list at this post. 


See you all around!

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Upcoming Shows and some other news!

All apologies for the radio silence- there was some trouble and then I had to move and now I’m elsewhere and then some stuff happened. BUT! We’re back and there’s some stuff to talk about.
For one, we’ve got a couple shows coming up. If you’re in Akron, OH the first weekend of May, I’ll be at Oddmall in the John S Knight Center. Then there’s Indypopcon June 26 – 28 in Indianapolis. And then we’re wrapping up with SPACE in Columbus, OH in July. More shows on the horizon, but that’s the tip of the iceberg!

Good news for those of you who have been thinking about supporting my Patreon– once a week, I’ve been putting a new chapter of my Paranormal Mystery novel, Killer Habit, up for supporters to download as PDF. If you can’t afford a monthly donation, don’t worry! The chapters are also available on Tablo for free- but only twice a month. Right now, Patreon supporters are up to Chapter 9, where Tablo readers just got Chapter 5.

If you’re new to this site and you’re not sure if you like us or not, feel free to click on the following links and get to know what we’re about!
Check out the Art Blog!
Or if you’re on Facebook, here’s the fanpage!
The Bend- a comic about cannibals and magic. And magic cannibals. There’s also pirates and creepy cults. Really there’s something there for everyone.
mDoc– Like paranormal investigation show a la Warehouse 13. This one is right up your alley!
The Wrecking Crew– Collected shorts that are just hilarious.
The Page of Wands- Three-part comic book about why you should be careful who you offend.

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Patreon and Pittsburgh!


First, we are so excited to be showing at Horror Realm in Pittsburgh this weekend! I will be doing my usual stock of flower crowns, tarot readings, posters and the lovely Mae March will be selling books containing her amazing short stories!  If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, come stop by and talk to us!



We started a Patreon campaign! If you like what we do and you want to keep us going, please consider a monthly donation. Every little bit helps.

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Some communication skills can go a long way in business.

It was the second week of employment and she was already starting to overstep her bounds. Allison was hired in as a sales representative and that meant, mostly, selling group rates, renting out meeting rooms, and being attractive enough to attend conventions where the hotel needed to be represented. There was paperwork and there were phone calls and travel dues, all of which could be spent inside the relative privacy of her five-by-ten office.

Which begs the question: why was she taking up valuable space at the front desk?
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Dashcon is less than a month away!

It is both stressful and exciting! Its… stressciting! No… extressful. That sounds more like a real word. But! In any case. If you’re in the Chicago area and you’re bored and you want to come see me and the lovely, lovely Liz Holzer (being adorable together), we’ll be Table 15! I’ll be doing tarot readings, as usual, and Liz will be selling prints and I believe she’s also doing plushes.

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Bizarre Coterie 2!

If you’ve got an affinity for the strange and if you’re in South Bend, IN on May 24th, come see me at The State Theatre for Bizarre Coterie. There will be live bands, burlesque shows, all sorts of live acts on stage in addition to tons of local Michiana artists. I will be doing tarot readings and selling my art and mostly just hanging out and being fabulous all night long. Help out some local folks and have a good time. Admission is $3, which will be donated to The Music Village. For more information and to see other artists that are attending, come see the Facebook Page.

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Look out Pittsburgh!

Me and the lovely, lovely Mad Mae March will be sharing a table with Kerry Giantsquid Lipp March 7-9 at Horror Realm! I’ll be selling prints, comics (if they get here in time) and doing tarot readings. Kerry will be promoting some of his written stuff and Mae will be doing whatever it is she’s doing these days, which is mostly looking her fantastic self.

Come see us, have your fortune read, buy some prints, talk about books and heads exploding or just bask in our hellish glow.

Be there or be… well, its not so much a square as it is something that’s pointedly not round. I… I think its a trapezoid slowly rotating in the deep, dark abyss…

Where was I? Oh yes. Here’s Horror Realm’s website.


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Ladies, Gentlemen, and other of Michiana!

If you need something to do on Valentine’s Day that isn’t hoarding gold to make into a roost (no wait. That’s dragons. Dragons do that.) I will be at The State Theater in South Bend, selling art and doing tarot readings. Of course, I’m not the main feature: there’s going to be a bunch of bands and some dance acts there as well. The show is called My Bloody Valentine and we’ve got tons of other local artists. That’s The State Theater in downtown South Bend. Admission is $3 a person, $5 for a couple, doors open at 7 pm and close at 1am. And if you’re a dragon and you’re reading this- this applies to you, too. Feel free to take human form and mingle.

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